Simone Rabassini is a movie maker operating in the area of short films, promotional and musical video.
He is graduated in “Institutions of Digital Film makers” at the University La Sapienza in Roma and he frequented different workshops in Italy and Europe.
He took part at many national and international Festival.
Recently he has directed the short film “ Red Carpet” shooted in his native city, Lucca (Official Facebook Page).
His specific work is: director, assistant director, editing, motion graphic and color correction.
He shares his projects with equally passionate people, a troupe of professional figures essential for the realization of a quality audio-video product, such as director of photography, sound designer, production design, make-up artist and production assistants.
He lives in Tuscany and often in Lazio.

A story…

“ You are waiting for your turn in front of a certain counter. Before you there is a middle-aged man. The man wears glasses with a very poor frame. He has black, white and thin hair. Furthermore, the man has hare-lip.
If your attention is attracted by the man’s hare-lip, you could be a painter.
If you are impressed by his disused look, or you feel tenderness for him, you could be a poet.
If you try to understand what is his job, you could be a journalist.
If you imagine that the man’s name is “Rabbit” and outside his wife and his five daughters are waiting for him, and he’s paying three months’ rent all together because the owner Cavalier Berretta threatened to chase him out of his house, and if you imagine that later the rabbit-man goes, with his wife and daughters, at the market to buy salads and potatoes for the whole week, well, if you imagine all this about the man who is standing before you at a certain counter, then you could be a director.
On the contrary, if you think that he is very slow and you start being nervous, keep your temper, keep on queuing the line and wait for your turn.”

Angelo Moscariello

Red Carpet