Chiara & Michele


Chiara and Michele's best day was full of spirituality and love. The Protestant cerimony took place in the beautiful garden of Villa Borbone and it was full of emotions and touching speeches.
I shared the day with the talented photographer Giuseppe Giovannelli.
After the cerimony, they went to Bocca di Magra, where the Magra river flows into the sea, in Liguria. They grew up near the sea, so it is part of them.
It all ended up with relatives and friends dancing and laughing celebrating this unique day.

Second Camera Operator: Victor Valobonsi
In collaboration with Giuseppe Giovannelli Photographer

Locations: Villa Borbone (Vireggio, Tuscany) / Tenuta Ca Borghese (Ameglia, Liguria)

September 2019

  • Data: 2019

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