Controllo del Vicinato


The Neighorhood Watch (Controllo del Vicinato in italian) is useful in preventing crime through the active participation of citizens and cooperation with the police force to reduce many kind of crimes. This video is set in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy), where for the first time, it is being implemented through the signing of a formal agreement between the Prefecture and the Municipality. Arsina is the first town in Lucca where "the neighorhood watch" was tested, with great success.
Prefettura e Comune di Lucca in collaboration with
Comando Provinciale dei Carabinieri di Lucca
Questura di Lucca
Comando Polizia Municipale di Lucca
I cittadini di Arsina e San Concordio di Moriano
Associazione Controllo del Vicinato

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